San Diego International bible college

Leadership Empowerment

and Development

The Leadership Empowerment and Development School of Ministry is a one-year program for those pastors and leaders who desire to improve their paradigm of leadership empowerment and development.  The school combines the practical theology of Christian Life Bible Institute and the practical ministry of your local church.  Bishop Blair Holloway picks twelve people each year from Christian Life Center and twelve leaders from applicants in San Diego local Churches. These leaders are taught once a month on Sunday nights the practical insights on leadership empowerment and development.  Each student receives Bible College credit for these classes.
Each class provides a theological foundation for the leader, but each month practical ministry gives the leader the opportunity to put theory into practice. Leadership development or underdevelopment has a major impact on a local churches growth quotient. After completion of the L.E.A.D School of Ministry program you will awarded the a Certificate of Leadership Empowerment and Development and you will be able to apply your Bible College Credit toward any of Christian Life Bible Institute’s Certificate programs and  San Diego International Bible College. If you need more information concerning this program please e-mail us for more information.