Consecration 2020


Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. My wife Helena and I have been blessed not only to serve in the business world but also to pastor in the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. We know what it is to struggle in every area of life, but we also know how to obtain the victory in every area of life, by applying God’s promises to every situation. Whether working in the secular world or serving in full -time ministry, everyone is susceptible to a dulling of the senses and thus a spiritual radar that needs a little adjusting (smile). Our hearts are for the lost, but also for Christians who
have never experienced victorious living in Christ.
We are aware of the various beliefs and doctrines taught within the body of Christ concerning Prayer and Fasting. This  mall booklet is not written to address doctrinal differences, but is written from a pastor’s perspective in a local charismatic church which practices and believes that Fasting and Prayer are vital tools for individual believers and the church corporate body to battle the forces of the enemy and to provide a basic discipline for holy living. We do not advocate any extremes as it pertains to prayer and fasting, but we do believe that prayer and fasting with the proper biblical mandates can provide an environment for believers to “fight the good fight of faith” and “bind and loose” and partake of the spiritual blessings that belong to those who serve Jesus Christ.
Our dream is that every believer would walk in true fellowship with our Lord and live a life of Victory that allows the lost to break into the Kingdom of God! May the Lord bless you as you decide to participate in the great conflict against our adversary, the devil and fight for the souls of Men for our God.
In His Power,
Bishop Holloway

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