09/06/2020 – Our Invisible Superpowers: We Have A “Friend On The Other Side”

CLCSD Re-opening Plan (Updated 09/03/2020)

Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus. These past few months have been incredibly challenging, but God has brought us through it all. We are still amid a pandemic, but we are gradually moving towards coming out. We have submitted most of the pertinent information as it relates to Covid-19 and the CDC guidelines to our leadership over the past two months. We have also submitted our plans to our Elders, Deacons, Board of Trustees, Pastoral Staff, Board of Advisors and Business Advisors as it pertains to the State of California and County of San Diego guidelines. After obtaining information and feedback from our leadership we will be taking a cautious approach to re-opening our physical church. Please refer to the following schedule for reference.

The County and the Governor have approved places of worship for reopening of indoor Services effective August 31, 2020

CLC of San Diego’s 4 Stage Approach

Alpha Phase:
  • Gradual from 10% – 25% capacity (5% increments)
Beta Phase:
  • 25% – 50% capacity.
  • Gradual reopening of Kidz World.
  • Implementing two (2) services.
Gamma Phase:
  • 50% – 75% capacity.
  • Reopening of Youth Church
Omega Phase:
  • 100%


Starting on the July 19th Service we will be implementing a Save-A-Seat Policy.  This Check-in software will allow us to have a grasp on the numbers that we can expect and plan accordingly for both of our Sunday Services when implemented.  It will be available via the website and app.


Sunday, SEPTEMBER 6, 2020 – 10:00 AM
BETA 10:00 AM (Inside/Live Steam)

–  David Strayhorn
–  Deacon Mancy Thompson
–  Deaconess Maureen Thompson
Greeters/Temperature Check
–  Deaconess Debra Hunter
–  Deacon Will Clark
–  Deacon Daniel Harrison
–  Benjamin Hill
IT Team
–  Deacon Robert Rush
–  Kenny Key
–  Severo Barreras
Camera and Lighting
–  Joe Williams
–  Luke Holloway
–  Luke Holloway
Giving Ministry
–  Deaconess Edna Moore
Reminder:  If you have underlying physical conditions or you are an older adult please use wisdom and precaution as you choose when to return to services.  We love you and everyone must make a decision based upon their health and the health of their loved ones. 

Which Fast to Choose?


The kind of fast you will choose will depend on your spiritual pilgrimage. You will learn how to use the tool of Prayer and fasting for different times in your life, but prayer is the vital component to any fast. We have chosen to expound on 3 types of fasts but there are numerous types. You can add to the list.

  • One-meal-a-day-Fast
  • Full Fast
  • Daniel’s Fast
  • 6am-6pm Fast


The common theme among all these type of fasts is that you should saturate your time in the Word of God, Focused prayer and meditation.

Daniel’s Fast or 6am – 6pm

Abstaining partially from food

The book of Daniel gives the wonderful story of Daniel who after realizing that eat- ing the King’s food would defile him and His friends requests a special diet that was different than the others who were in confinement under the King’s order. Daniel requested from his captor that he and his friends receive vegetables and water and abstain from the King’s delicacies and wine. Daniel requested 10 days for a testing period and after the ten days Daniel and his companion’s features appeared healthier and better than the young men who ate the King’s delicacies.


Daniel (Daniel 9:3) also set himself apart to understand more concerning His people and the fulfillment of their return from exile. He “set His Face (act of his will) toward the Lord God to make request by prayer and supplication with FASTING, sackcloth, and ashes”. We find that the angel Gabriel (messenger angel) breaks through to give him the Word of God.


Daniel (Daniel 10) set himself apart and mourns for 3 full weeks and “ATE NO PLEASANT FOOD, NO MEAT OR WINE “ and fought a spiritual battle that brought even the archangel Michael into the battle. Daniel participated in Spiritual Warfare and prevailed for his people.


A Daniel’s Fast is the restraining of one’s appetite – especially rich foods, alcoholic beverages, etc. To abstain involves moderate or sparing in one’s eating or drinking. Many choose this type of fasting and some call this kind a “Daniel’s Fast.” (DAN. 1:8-20)


Full Fast

Abstaining from all food

The true form of fasting is a pure water fast. However, many have chosen juice fast- ing over water fasting. It is considered a very effective form of cleansing the body of wastes, building physical stamina and resistance of diseases. The world wide web has more information on this area so we encourage you to do your own research.


The only difference between the two is that one feels less fatigued with a juice fast. (There are many other rewards to a Juice Fast besides this) Rapid elimination of dead cells stimulates the building and growth of new healthy cells. My wife and I have found that fresh raw fruit and vegetable juices help with the digestive system which gives more time for expedition of detoxification and purification, without a great feel- ing of fatigue.  A “just water” fast can really make you feel fatigued and tired.


A principal of abstaining in a “Daniel’s Fast” has been used by many who have prob- lems with eating or medical problems and they choose to abstain from things that are abstract or not food such as T.V. etc. We leave all of that to each individual’s discern- ment because the main Goal is to humble and examine our hearts and to let God’s Spirit have its way.

One Meal a Day

Many have chosen because of the daily activity and pressures of their jobs to partici- pate in a one meal per day fast or a hybrid of each type of fast. For example, an indi- vidual will fast (water or juice only on their days off) and eat one meal a day during their most active days and have a Daniel’s fast on other days.


Remember to use wisdom and ask advice when you are not disciplined in breaking a fast. Your digestive system will thank you for it! If you need more insight and wisdom concerning your planned fast and you are a healthy individual, seek the advice of your leadership and research answers for yourself. As we have said before, if you have any medical problems, you need to check with your medical professional concerning fasting.

Kidz Day!!!!


Sunday, October 6th, 2019


10am Service


Christian Life Center of San Diego
9617 Campo Road
Spring Valley, CA 91977


Kidz Day!!!!
Bring a child to church
Ages 2 to 12 years old.
For more information contact Bishop Holloway
(619) 807-5808


KIdzDay Flyer (Final)- pdf

New Members Class

New Membership Classes
Sunday, May 19, 2019
8:00 am
9617 Campo Road
Spring Valley, CA 91977
Join Bishop Holloway in the vision!  Membership has its privileges!  To sign up today, contact Bishop Holloway at 619-807-5808 or hblairholloway@gmail.com.

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