Authorized Leadership


Charles and Malisa Hill (Benjamin)
Tina (RJ and Eli)
Henry and Kathy
Ray and Trina


Wayne Morris
Wash Giddens
Alex Gonzales
Manuel Silva
Tasha Woods
Subrina Woods
Danny Bell
Daren Moore


Ethel Young & Charles Young
Diana Saucedo
Morris Hardin
Lucia McCauly Ellis
Hazel Jackson & Pazel Jackson
Merle and Helen Porter
Will and Tanya Clark
Robert and Karimah Rush
Tammy and David Strayhorn

Deacons (Cont)

Robyn Abadie
Daniel and Michelle Harrison
Irene Barreras
Ronald & Lashaunda Gaines
Cheryl & Tim Okuboye
Mancy Thompson
Debra Hunter
Lonette Morris
Regina Giddens
Debbie Gonzales
Suzanna Silva
Edna Moore
Jenna Bell

2020 Interns

Doreen & Thomas Alailima
Anthony Larceval
Cory Torregano
Donna Torregano
Mancy & Maureen Thompson

Ministry tech

Severo Barreras
Joe Williams
Anthony Lanatte
Special Music Guests

Reminder:  If you have underlying physical conditions or you are an older adult please use wisdom and precaution as you choose when to return to services.  We love you and everyone must make a decision based upon their health and the health of their loved ones.