Life Groups



Experience the Love and Life of Jesus in a Life Group! Give one a try!

Celebrate/Worship & Prayer together

Evangelize/Help others get to know Jesus as Lord-

Love/Take care of each others needs
Learn/Help each other grow spiritually
Serve/Do something that brings honor to Christ

What is a Life Group?

‘Life Group” is the term used to describe a Church that provides small Life groups, either in a home, at work or in a school or college, rather than in a more traditional Church building.

Since most people can have close relationships with only a small number of people the Life Group is the best place for evangelism to take place.

Cell Groups take the emphasis away from the structure and attempt to place the emphasis
on relationships.

In the Bible the church is described in terms of relationships between people, not in terms of the building or the venue.

Many Churches place their main emphasis on attendance at the Sunday meeting, but many churches are taking the church to the community through Life Groups. This allows many who might not attend a sunday service to attend church in someone’s home.

What is the purpose of a Life Group?

In Biology the purpose of any living cell is to grow and to reproduce, producing more of its own kind. It is no different in the Church Life Group.

The most important aspect of Life Group is their ability to multiply numerically and take care of the people of God. Healthy multiplication is the evidence of a healthy Life Group.

Life Groups are designed to grow in number and to grow in spiritual maturity.

Reaching San Diego…Touching the World…

Life Groups: Sunday, May 20, 2012 from 6:00pm – 7:15pm

Hosts & Locations to be announced.